Self Care Sessions

Help Musicians UK have been developing and rolling out their ‘Self Care’ in the music industry sessions. These free, guided self-care sessions aim to provide music industry professionals with techniques and strategies to work through challenging times, equipping them with tools to use on an ongoing basis. 

While a career in music can be fun and rewarding, it can also create difficult conditions in which to look after mental wellbeing. Long periods spent away from home, lifestyle factors, irregular work, financial difficulties, isolating work conditions, and lack of routine all have the potential to exacerbate any struggles people may already be experiencing.  

These situations can have a very real impact on people’s ability to fully engage with and to enjoy what they do. Developing coping strategies to overcome these difficult moments will help keep alive that love for these professions, allowing music industry professionals to enjoy more fully the amazing parts of working in music and make the most of their career in the long term. 

We’re proud to be working with HMUK and BAPAM to deliver these sessions online and within independent venues around the UK.  

Sessions are based on specific issues, all designed with BAPAM (The British Association for Performing Arts Medicine) and independent clinicians, so they are clinically assured, content appropriate and relevant.

Help Musicians are a charity that’s been running for over 100 years, who are working towards a world where musicians thrive. BAPAM are an organisation delivering expert health and wellbeing services for those working in the performing arts.