Sybil Bell is Founder of Independent Venue Community (IVC) and Independent Venue Week (IVW). She announced the launch of Independent Venue Week in November 2013, ahead for its inaugural first week in January 2014. Since then, she has spent years travelling around the country, and the world, meeting amazing people and organisations both within and around venues, many working with various community groups, often in communities that fall outside the mainstream.

As a result of connections made through IVW over the years, Sybil created and launched IVC delivering a range of music-based activity for underserved communities in venues, during the day, throughout the year, across the country.

The program unlocks the potential of venues and the talent of the communities around them, by developing new skills, opening up opportunities to engage with like-minded people to enjoy arts and culture and create greater local community spirit on a national scale.

2 truths, one lie: My real name is Sybil. I got deported from Australia. I can make my tongue do a Mexican wave.
Venue you’ve never been to but want to visit: Glasgow Barrowlands.
One album everyone should own: Grace Jones – Island Life. Or Fleetwood Mac – Rumours.
Dream gig line-up: Radiohead/Portishead (double headliner), Little Simz, Humphrey Lyttleton
What three words describe you best: Passionate, Mischievous, Grafter.
What would be your dream pet: A Springer Spaniel
Something surprising about you that not many people know: I have a motorbike license.
Guilty Music Pleasure: M People (reminds me of living in Australia in the early 90’s)
What would your autobiography be called: ‘Bell End’
Who would play you in a film about your life: Emma Thompson

Erin Gibson – Office Manager & Bookkeeper

Hailing from the north, plant and dog mum Erin graduated from LIPA in 2017 and has spent most of her life in venues both on and off stage as a drummer and in various crew roles. From selling merch on international tours, to repping local shows: Erin’s passion lies in making live music happen.

Erin moved to London in 2018 to become an operational manager for a music industry charity and is now extremely excited to be a part of the team!

2 truths, one lie: I am an identical twin, I am a drummer, I have a pet snake.
Venue you’ve never been to but want to visit: Barrowland Ballroom
One album everyone should own: Folklore – T Swifty or SPICE – The Spice Girls.
Dream gig line-up: Biffy Clyro, Amy Whinehouse, Mcfly, Holly Humberstone
What three words describe you best: Fun, strong, dramatic.
What would be your dream pet: A whippet
Something surprising about you that not many people know: I once went to Borneo to work in an orangutan sanctuary.
Guilty Music Pleasure: Guilt-free, but Evanescence seems to be something everyone thinks I should be ashamed of! Closely followed by The Last Five Years musical soundtrack.
What would your autobiography be called: Other books will be more interesting.
Who would play you in a film about your life: Phoebe Buffay

Sam Heffer – DIGITAL MARKETING Manager

Sam handles all things online and digital, working across both Independent Venue Week and Independent Venue Community.

Having spent the majority of his professional life in Leeds an independent musician, artist marketing manager and events promoter, Sam has always had a passion for supporting independent music of all kinds through his work. As an opportunity to assist in the support of independent venues and creative initiatives that have helped him develop his own career, this role was a no-brainer for him.

From content creation to digital comms strategies, website design to mailing list maintenance, Sam wears many hats for IVW and IVC as well as assisting in the delivery of the various in-person events that run throughout the year. 

2 truths, one lie: I’ve played Glastonbury. I’ve high-fived John Terry. I have an A-Level in Dance.
Venue you’ve never been to but want to visit: The Amphitheatre of Pompeii.
One album everyone should own: I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose – Bombay Bicycle Club.
Dream gig line-up: Led Zeppelin, Dave Brubeck, Nirvana.
What three words describe you best: Tall, handsome and sarcastic.
What would be your dream pet: If not my own dog, a dragon.
Something surprising about you that not many people know: Spent two months in Nepal in 2016 teaching English and Music.
Guilty Music Pleasure: Don’t believe in them. But if anyone wants to tell me that still listening to Busted is a guilty pleasure, then lock me up and throw away the key.
What would your autobiography be called: ‘Paper for Lighting Fires and Wrapping Fish’
Who would play you in a film about your life: I’d say Ryan Gosling, casting team would go with David Spade.

Adam Webb – Press

Adam is an award-winning PR and communications specialist with his own consultancy, and over 20 years experience of working across music, technology and public policy.

He currently works for the likes of the Music Managers Forum and Driift, Act, and leads the highly successful FanFair Alliance campaign that has delivered significant reforms to the highly controversial secondary ticketing market. 

2 truths, one lie: I have a West Ham season ticket, PJ Harvey once borrowed my guitar lead, I released a happy hardcore banger in 1994.  
Venue you’ve never been to but want to visit: Rayleigh, Pink Toothbrush
One album everyone should own: 
The Impressions, This Is My Country  
Dream gig line-up: 
Cleo Sol, LOW, Halsey, Tyler, The Creator, Thee Oh Sees, Cassandra Jenkins (2021 version)
What three words describe you best: 
Cup of tea? 
What would be your dream pet: 
House-trained dog that also walks itself.
Something surprising about you that not many people know: 
Wrote a book once. 
Guilty Music Pleasure: 
Proper unreconstructed hairy metal.
What would your autobiography be called:
 It Came From Essex
Who would play you in a film about your life: 
Telly Savalas 


Community spirit all lies within the work Angelle does. She is a big fan of music and has been since forever.

Angelle grew up listening and loving grime and picked up all the other genres on the way. Angelle started community radio and ended up on local radio presenting BBC Introducing in Suffolk.

Now presenting 2 shows and work within the community to support inclusivity and representation especially for young people and within media, we are delighted to welcome her on board as part of our community programme. 

2 truths, one lie: I’m allergic to kiwi’s. I played basketball semi- professionally. I recorded my first track on a tape cassette.

Venue you’ve never been to but want to visit: Madison Square Garden

One album everyone should own: The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill

Dream gig line-up: Lauryn Hill, Little Simz, Akala, Nia Archives 

What three words describe you best: Energetic, passionate, funny

What would be your dream pet: An automatic hoover

Guilty Music Pleasure: There is no such thing. I feel no guilt listening to S Club 7

What would your autobiography be called: Angelle On Tour