Just Ask

Launched in partnership with Attitude is Everything in time for Independent Venue Week in 2022, Just Ask is a campaign that aims to make asking about access requirements of artists an industry standard question, in advance of a gig or festival performance – taking the burden away from disabled artists. 

Developed as part of Attitude is Everything’s artist development initiative “Next Stage”, this campaign sets out to help ensure that live music shows are as accessible as possible for acts on the line-up, by equipping promoters to ensure that artists no longer hold the burden of having to bring up their access requirements.

After holding a series of workshops with a flagship group of Independent Venue Week promoters, Attitude is Everything share guidance via open training sessions for promoters, with the aim for all artists to be asked, in advance, if they or their crew members have any access requirements.

A flagship group of promoters helped to establish the scope and focus of the project, providing insight into the day-to-day world of putting on shows and how access requirements for disabled artists could be met. 

  • The Boileroom (Guildford) 
  • The Night Owl (Birmingham) 
  • We Broke Free (Bournemouth) 
  • Ouroboros / Jazz In York (York)


Musicians in Attitude is Everything’s Next Stage network provided guidance and ideas for how they would like to see promoters and artists work together, breaking down barriers together and improving the industry for the next generation. 

These free, online training sessions, set a standard for how we can work together across the live music industry to meet the access requirements of artists and crew who identify as deaf, disabled and/or neurodivergent, allowing promoters to learn and discuss how to best support artists with access requirements.

Delivered by Attitude is Everything, who have over 20 years experience of supporting the live music sector, the sessions include disabled fans, professionals and performers. They are a chance to ask any questions, learn new skills and develop accessible practices which you can put in place when engaging with artists. The sessions encourage informal discussion and there is no pressure to ask or say the right things.  

Upcoming Sessions:

Sessions take place on the first Monday of each month. You can book your place here –

Participant Testimonials:

From The Venues & Partners:

“This campaign is going to be a hugely positive and beneficial collaboration between promoters and artists, aiming to enrich our future live music landscape. Attitude is Everything’s Next Stage research shows that many artists with access requirements face challenges disclosing their health condition or impairment. We want to take the burden away and enable artists to flourish. It’s really exciting to be tackling this in partnership with IVC/IVW and setting a blueprint for the future.”

Attitude is Everything’s Artist Development Manager, Rich Legate 

“I look forward to a time where meeting access needs is standard practice. Deaf and disabled people will then feel included, valued, and lead happier creative lives.”

Next Stage Ambassador, Benny Bizzie

 ”Disabled artists are often left to fend for themselves without the right support from venues and promoters, by coming together and learning from each other we can make sure that all talent gets the chance to shine in the live music industry.” 

Next Stage Ambassador, Ali Hirsz (Idealistics) 

Attitude Is Everything’s “Next Stage” Ambassadors: 

 “Asking about access requirements for artists and crew should be as simple as asking for dietary requirements in riders and common practice. This will have a positive impact on artists and encourage a more inclusive atmosphere for everyone in the music industry.” - Next Stage Ambassador, Ruth Lyon