Come Play With Me

Come Play With Me (CPWM) is a social enterprise, magazine, label and artist development company, offering support to emerging musicians in Leeds. Their main focus is on LGTBQ+, women in music and people of marginalized genders.

We’re working with CPWM to deliver live shows, music industry training programmes, workshops and networking opportunities with and for the queer community, both on and off stage, in different areas of the UK.  

On 16th April 2022, we worked with CPWM to deliver ‘I Know A Place’ – an all day event featuring talks, workshops and performances for Women and people of marginalized genders in music, at Belgrave Music Hall in Leeds, with Steeling Sheep as the headline artist. On 21st May, we came together again to deliver a showcase of northern LGBTQ musical talent at Venn Street Social in Huddersfield. The event was titled ‘40 years later…’ – a nod to the UK’s first LGBTQ march in the area. 

Together, we have also facilitated ‘Side By Side’, a series of LGBTQ+ inclusion sessions across the UK, developing understanding of LGBTQ+ identities and experiences to help work towards a more inclusive industry within music venues. Most recently, we supported CPWM’s latest compilation release by facilitating a roundtable session with Northern industry experts and industry members, on the topic of “navigating today’s music industry in the current climate”.