Independent Venue Community is backed by a range of music industry partners and charities, and we are delighted to announce our Founding Ambassadors, the UK’s hottest upcoming rock band, Nova Twins.

We are over the moon to have them involved in supporting independent venues and the communities around them all over the U.K.


Speaking on the the importance of independent venues to their career, Amy Love & Georgia South (Nova Twins), said:

“Independent venues and the communities that surround them are at the heart of the music industry. They are the foundation of many great bands, technicians and crowds of like minded music lovers. This independent ecosystem feeds the whole industry, encouraging new artists to grow and sustain themselves. Without it, the history, culture and existence of today’s UK live music would eventually die. We need to keep fostering diversity within this space, as it’s the make-up of all the music we love, from the bands on stage, to their crews and their fans.

“When we were coming up, we were often one of the few female artists of colour, both on the bills and in the crowd. It was isolating and we were often met with confusion or rejection because of some people’s lack of education and experience. Music is for everyone. People should be given the same opportunities regardless of where they are from, their race or sexual orientation. Everyone should feel welcome and have a safe space to enjoy music freely.

“We’re so excited to be the first ambassadors for Independent Venue Community. We owe so much to independent venues like the Amersham Arms and Camden Monarch in London, they helped us develop as performers and work out the kind of show that we wanted to deliver.”