Raze Collective

Raze Collective are a London-based charity established to support, develop and nurture queer performance in the UK.

In the autumn 2022, we partnered Raze Collective with Come Play With Me (CPWM) – a social enterprise, magazine, label and artist development company, offering support to emerging musicians in Leeds. Their main focus is on LGTBQ+, women in music and people of marginalized genders. 

The result of this partnership was an event titled ‘40 years later…’ – a nod to the UK’s first LGBTQ march in Huddersfield and a showcase of northern LGBTQ musical talent at Venn Street Social.  

Raze Collective supported CPWM with the programming, helping to secure the artists, providing new performance opportunities for LGBTQ performers outside of London. Artists included King Violet, Straight Girl, Detweiler, Hannah Philips and Ding Frisby. Amongst the attendees, 40% identified as LGBTQ+, 80% female and 80% working-class.