Independents Day is the annual stakeholder event designed to support the independent venue community in the UK, presented by Independent Venue Week and Independent Venue Community.

The event is a chance for independent venues, promoters and our partners from all over the UK to come together in-person for a range of sessions and activities specifically curated to benefit the long-term future of these cultural hubs that are the lifeblood of their local communities.

The event includes:

  • Panel sessions led by various industry experts on topics requested by our delegates and partners.
  • Workshop sessions based on each panel that promotes further discussion and reflection on the topic.
  • Bookable sessions with a host of agents and funders that allow delegates to form valuable lasting connections that benefit their businesses.
  • Networking spaces for stakeholders to come together, in-person, to discuss, share and inspire whilst exploring opportunities for collaboration.
  • Live performances From artists within our IVW/IVC community.

From survey data collected from attendees at the 2022 event, the following categories were rated very good or excellent by the following percentages:

  • Effective for planning IVW – 93%
  • Usefulness of Partners – 86%
  • Value of Networking – 95%
  • Range of Panel Topics – 88%
  • Support of Travel Costs to Attend – 100%