Soundcheck Sessions with Massive Wagons at The Tivoli, Buckley, Wales

Soundcheck Sessions offer young people (age 14+) the chance to come to a venue before doors, to watch the artist playing that night, soundcheck and then have Q&A with them along with some of the crew and venue team. Participants can come from local schools, colleges, and youth groups, often giving them their first experience inside a grassroots music venue.

At 3.45pm on the 21st May 2022, The Tivoli in Buckley, Wales, opened its doors to a small group of 9 local young people, all aged between 14 – 17 year old. The group was very diverse in terms of gender, with 5 females in attendance, an encouraging and refreshing sign that we are moving forward towards a future with more women in music.

Everyone was each given a printed hand-out, containing a brief overview of key roles within the music industry, with a particular focus on live. The group were introduced to Massive Wagons, ahead of their gig that evening. They watched the soundcheck and the band, along with some of the crew and venue team spoke to the young people about what their jobs involve, how a show happens and what it means to go on tour.

They were also given the opportunity to get stuck in, with the lead singer delivering a bit of a practical workshop with the microphones, and the drummer talking through his kit set-up and technique. The session served as a practical, hands on opportunity for the young people to learn how artists and sound technicians work together to perfect an artists’ live sound ahead of a show, whilst getting a hands-on practical introduction to the live music industry and learning about possible careers that they could be interested in.

The ethos behind these sessions is that by introducing participants to their local music venue at an early age, collectively we can build excitement about live music, local venues and open the young people up to the various careers that are available to them. When organising this session at The Tivoli, Rokib Miah from the venue said ‘these young people are the future of live music!’ and we couldn’t agree more.

Participants Quotes:

Venue Quote:

‘As an independent venue in a rural surrounding, we were happy to host a Soundcheck Session at the Tivoli Venue in Buckley, North Wales. It opens doors for the younger generation to get an insight to what happens at the venue before the bands hit the stage.
Chuffed to have Massive Waggons agreeing to help out. They were treated to full Soundcheck from the band and see how they prepare and get their sound to how they want it before the night’s performance. As a venue we have many sound crew buzzing around and on hand to answer any questions. The band were also on hand to answer questions too. It was a great experience as an independent venue to host the event and invite the youngsters in to see and experience a true gig experience’

Roki Miah, Tivoli, Wales

Photo Credit: Swilly’s Photography Service